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To date Jemcap has purchased over 550 loans with an unpaid principal balance of approximately 500 million dollars. In addition, we have acquired several hundred million dollars worth of commercial and residential buildings inclusive of office, multifamily, mixed use and single family assets.

Jemcap has purchased these assets for our own account and in partnership with hedge funds, real estate investment firms and small investment groups.

We offer management and special servicing for these performing and non-performing loans. Our goal is to optimize the return for each loan throughout the holding period. We work directly with the primary servicer and the borrower to liquidate the assets as quickly as possible. This is accomplished by choosing the appropriate loss mitigation strategy that optimizes the loan’s return.


  • Services

    Jemcap provides special servicing to loans and loan portfolios utilizing primary servicers to handle the day to day administration. We handle every aspect of acquiring, owning and liquidating each loan with the goal of maximizing profit for each asset.

  • Leadership

    Our talented team has years of experience in commercial-related asset transactions, including acquiring small balance commercial and residential loans in partnership with hedge funds, real estate investment firms and for our own account.

  • How To Find Us


    360 Madison Avenue, Suite 1902
    New York, NY 10017